Bumble and Bumble sumowax for strong hold

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A traditional hard wax for modern cuts strong (yet flexible) hold, textural effect and definition of detail. solid wax for strong hold. bumble and bumble sumowax

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Bumble and Bumble Sumowax Solid Wax


  • A traditional hard wax for modern cuts
  • Formulated with Microcrystalline Wax that adds structure & firmness
  • Blended with Beeswax to maintain moisture balance
  • Infused with Coconut Oil & Meadowfoam Seed Oil that imparts gloss
  • Provides strong yet flexible hold, textural effect & definition of detail
  • Will not overload fine hair
  • To use: Spread a small amount onto palms, rub briskly together to warm & soften, or heat by holding a blow-dryer to the mouth of the jar & skim the top layer. Evenly coat fingers & hands, lightly spread through hair

1 review for Bumble and Bumble sumowax for strong hold

  1. admin

    great holding wax and dirty / messy looking hair
    this stuff is really great as a style finisher. it will give you just the right amount of hold and messed up texture. The packaging and my hairdresser recommend heating it before use, but I actually prefer to use it room temp and warm it in my hands. Otherwise, it’s really easy to use too much of this stuff and you do not want to do that unless you’re going for the super-greasy, I never shower and I dont care look. Use sparingly but it is amazing once you get the hang of it. I would not call this product lightweight. I would call it midweight.. Best for days without much humidity.

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